Disruption is beautiful.

Disruption is beautiful.

We empower visionary founders to build legendary companies that can shape the future of tokenized economies, human coordination and the open metaverse.

What we do

Kilonova works closely with a small number of projects, taking them from strategy design to fundraising success.

We design and implement business and marketing strategies that enable clarity, accelerate community growth and ignite a thriving ecosystem, all pre-requisites for raising capital.

Public Sale & TGE War room
Investor Pipeline Growth
Community & Ecosystem Development
Content Production & Distribution
Touchpoint Design & Optimization
Narrative Formation
Strategy Design
Public Sale & TGE War room
Investor Pipeline Growth
Community & Ecosystem Development
Content Production & Distribution
Touchpoint Design & Optimization
Narrative Formation
Strategy Design
What MakeS US Different

Early stage teams need more than good advice.
We are Co-founders-as-a-Service.

Early stage teams need more than good advice. We are Co-founders-as-a-Service.

We join early and bring a hands-on approach to help fill in the gaps early stage teams face. We take responsibility for narrative formation, shaping the brand into a powerful world-class asset, building out critical touch-points and generating traction in the shape of thought leadership, community growth, lead generation and investment commitments. On occasion, we also take marketing and strategy advisory engagements.

Our Value Proposition
Skin in the game and patience to win when you do.

We get compensated in a custom blend of fiat, project tokens and equity that align the needs of teams with ours, and always have a long term view,

Experience enabling $100m+ fundraising across projects.

Raising for the first time can be daunting and even serial entrepreneurs can have knowledge gaps, specially in the context of web3 fundraising options.

Technical savvy and experienced marketing leaders.

Our team balances serial entrepreneurs, former CMOs, senior marketers and creatives that deliver exceptional quality at a fast pace.

The strategic edge of a management consulting firm

We take pride on our strategy, innovation workshops and frameworks, adding value to early projects across all dimensions of the business.

Our Services

A custom blueprint for each project.

Our typical engagement model is full service, providing projects with Strategic Advisory, Marketing Ops, Branding and Design services, but always taking into consideration the particular needs and team topology of each project. We also provide fractionalized senior resources to teams that need world-class talent but are not ready to go into full time hires.

Feature one

Strategic Advisory

Project Assessment & Research

Brand Strategy, Identity & Narrative

Business Strategy & Modeling Workshops

Marketing Plan & Budget

Content & Community Strategy

Company & Marketing OKRs

Investor Tokenomics

Fundraising Roadmap

Public Sale Planning

Feature one

Marketing Ops

Marketing Calendar & Workstreams Blueprint

Martech Stack Setup

Social Media Management

OKR Check-Ins

Investor Pipeline Management

Public Sale & TGE War Room

Partnership Announcement Management

Marketing Operations

Feature one

Branding & Design Services

Brand Guide & Templates

Main & Public Sale Websites


Pitch Decks

Explainer & Manifesto Videos

Thought Leadership Content

Partnership Development Decks

One Pagers

Third Party Content

Events, Sponsorships & PR

KOL Collabs

Our Clients
Some of the moonshots we are honored to support:
Case Studies

Featured work

Here are a few of the projects we have collaborated with and the results we achieved together.

Boson Protocol enables a decentralized commerce ecosystem where all participants share in the value they create.

We joined Boson Protocol from August 2020 to April 2021, establishing and leading their marketing practice, defining the narrative with the founding team, revitalizing the brand and creating all main touchpoints, blitzscaling their community and social channels, managing PR, vendors, and regional execution partners, hiring and training the marketing team and  supporting the project from Pre-Seed to Public Sale, raising an aggregate of over $36 million and going from 5 to 50 team members.

Total Raised
On Telegram
in 9 months
Engagement Period

Immersion & Strategy

$350k Raised

Seed round support

$1.7 Million Raised

Private Sale rounds

$8 Million Raised

Public Sale & TGE

$25.8 Million Raised

Panther Protocol is building a privacy layer for DeFi that enables institutions to comply through zero knowledge reveals

We joined Panther from April 2021 to December 2021, and went through a reorg of the marketing team and its leadership, taking the role of advisor and interim CMO, and initially focusing on revamping the narrative and brand touchpoints to improve the perceived value of the project for early stage investors. Once the core improvement was in place, we scaled thought leadership efforts and content production, which played a major role in the growth of the community and social channels. We then devised an ecosystem development strategy that onboarded the major blockchains as partners and turned that into the major catalyst that enabled fundraising success, with a $22m public sale that was concluded in 90 minutes.

Total Raised
On Telegram
in 8 months
Engagement Period

Marketing ReOrg
Narrative formation
& Brand Identity and
Touchpoint redesign

Thought leadership & Content Development, Seed Round Support

$3.9 Million Raised

Ecosystem development,
Community growth,
Private Sale Rounds

$4.4 Million Raised

Public Sale & TGE
War Room, Listing & Liquidity Strategy

$22 Million Raised

Our team

We are an experienced crew of founders and executives across marketing, technology, and venture.

As serial founders ourselves, we know that pioneering bleeding edge technology, building a stellar team, fostering a vibrant community and raising capital - at the same time, and under compressed timelines - is really hard. So why do it alone?

Bruno Ahualli

Serial entrepreneur, Former CMO at Boson and Panther Protocol, Chairman at Photon Group

Johnny Tominaga

Serial entrepreneur, Former CMO at GoTo, Business Unit Director at McGarryBowen

Celso Ribeiro
Board Member

Serial entrepreneur, Executive Founder at BR Media Group, BAW Clothing and Percursa

Let's venture into the future.

In hyper-competitive environments, the best time to take advantage of advice, expertise, hands-on marketing and strategy support was yesterday. The second best time is now.


Feel free to reach out if you have any questions not covered here.

What is Kilonova Ventures and what services do you offer?

Kilonova is a boutique strategy & marketing advisory firm. Our services range from advisory to marketing ops, branding and design services. We act as marketing co-founders-as-a-service, offering fractional CMOs and other senior marketing talent, taking responsibility for the marketing practice of a project in its early stages.

Is Kilonova a digital agency?

We are not a digital agency, although part of the services we provide can typically also offered by agencies or branding studios. The main points of differentiation are: Proximity, Number of concurrent projects and above all, the strategic deliverables in the shape of workshops and business and fundraising plans. We're the result of a strategic management boutique and a full service digital agency becoming one, and joining your project, instead of providing ad hoc services to it.

What makes Kilonova Ventures different from other marketing advisory firms?

The most radical difference is the hands on approach. While most advisors prefer to provide perspective, we prefer to join the teams as Executive Advisors, Interim CMOs and covering other senior marketing positions. This way, projects can focus on the tech and product discovery, while we can take responsibility for narrative formation, fundraising strategy, community growth, partnership development, branding and the performance of touch-points such as website, pitch deck and other essential assets that can make or break a project early on.

I already have a great marketing team. Can Kilonova advise us?

We can. Our engagements are tailored for the needs of each client. For projects with established teams, beyond advice, we can also provide frameworks, blueprints, and ensure adherence to plans and OKRs through mentoring and oversight.

How does Kilonova Ventures ensure the success of the startups it works with?

While we'd like to do that, we can't ensure success, as there are several factors that contribute to the success of a project. So far, we have been honored to enable over $100m of fundraising across projects and all projects we have worked with are alive and well. We like to think that we're either very competent, or very lucky. Or both.

Who are Kilonova Ventures' target clients?

The perfect client for us is a strong, visionary early-stage team, that has raised a Friends&Family round or received some funding through grants and wants to raise 24 months of runway in the next 6-12 months, preferably through tokens, or a blend of equity and tokens. We deliver the most value when the teams do not have a developed marketing practice, or feel that the current structure is too expensive for the results it delivers.

Does Kilonova only support crypto companies?

We are a crypto native firm and we want to stay focused, but we love to see it when companies from other segments want to adopt blockchain as a key differential. We are particularly interested in companies who are able to combine exponential technologies in a way that can disrupt large markets that have been thinking the same way for too long.

Does Kilonova also invest in projects?

Occasionally, we invest in the projects we are working with. In rare instances that we're too busy to take on a new project, we may be interested in investing and staying close to the project, so don't hesitate in reaching out if that's what you're looking for.

What is Kilonova typical engagement length and revenue model?

Typically, we join projects in their pre-seed stage and work with them until post TGE. We have done this process a few times, and the engagement length was 8-10 months. Bull markets move faster than Bear markets, so the engagement length may vary. Our revenue model balances short term incentives (very reasonable retainer fees) with tokens and / or equity. The fiat component can represent 15-50% of the contract value, depending on our conviction and founder preference.

What is Kilonova Ventures' track record and portfolio of successful clients?

Please refer to our case-study section to learn a bit more about our work and the achievements we have achieved with our clients.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions not covered here.

When massive opportunities and stellar pioneers converge, a new version of the future emerges, astronomical value is created and the old ways are cast out into oblivion.
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